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DIY Tune Up Base on Misfire Codes

A tune up for cars based on innovative technology and design vehicles. Cars require much less attention when it comes to maintenance items that affect engine performance. Modern vehicles use computerized system technology to ensure optimum performance. If the Service Engine Soon (SES) light appears, then the computer informs you that there is a problem with the vehicle engine. All problems are displayed in the form of codes. The problem that often arises in the case of a machine is misfiring; code of misfires is set or stored on your car’s computer.

The misfire code includes P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305, P0306, P0307, and P0308. The codes indicate that there is a misfire in the cylinder; the last number indicates which cylinder is problematic. The misfire malfunction code does not tell us why the machine is misfired; only showing one or more cylinders is not working properly. The OBD2 system checks for misfire that occurs on the engine cylinder by detecting small changes in crankshaft rotation through the input of the crankshaft sensor as the engine rotates.

Misfire causes a slightly decreased crankshaft spin which is translated by OBD2 as a misfire. Misfire at a small level is still said to be normal, but if the machine misfires in a large degree for a long time then OBD2 will generate misfire code. However, checking the machine periodically is the safest option.

Misfire is a mechanical problem with the machine, so anything that may affect engine performance can lead to some of misfire codes appearing on the diagnostic tool, such as, mileage, wrong fuel, and coolant leaks on cooling systems. In some cases, if you lose enough cooling to get the head temperature up, it could cause a pre-ignition that can trigger the misfire.

Another cause of the P0300 code is due to a loose or cracked vacuum hose, a leak in the intake manifold gasket, or a leak in the brake vacuum booster, spark plugs, spark plug wires, coil ignition, fuel injector, timing belt, and weak compression. Misfire appears also based on the type of vehicle; there are many different types of cars that require different handling as well. So, you should look for service guides for your specific car. Most importantly, when the service engine soon light appears, it should start with a quick scan with the code reader. All possibilities should be checked carefully to get the cause of the misfire.

The Best Oil Additives for Car Engine

Maybe you have not read or received any information about the benefits of oil additive before; you can read this article to complete. In most cases oil additives perform positive functions and with regular use can provide a number of benefits for vehicles and equipment that involve friction of the machine. Many oil additives are offered on the website of automotive companies, but the best is TriboTEX. To find out more, please read this article to complete.   

A number of companies that sell oil additives have research and development teams that have tested their additive package. For example, TriboTEX specializes in oil additives for engine maintenance of all types of vehicles. Other products as comparison materials include Oronite, Ethyl, Wynn’s, SFR, Power Up, STP, Slick 50, but TriboTEX is the best. TriboTEX has spent decades doing research and development to create revolutionary technology. The purpose of this product is to eliminate parasitic effects of friction, such as the noise of noisy engines, shorter distances, decreased machine performance, etc.

The oil additives do all the work on your machine. Its flexible functionality can be used in almost all lubricants, its quality is better than the best synthetic base oil. When the engine is operated the engine condition varies greatly, the condition of the old car engine is different from the new car. Medium speed cars use some of the available engine power. If you drive the vehicle for long trips at high speeds then the cooling system should be able to meet the cooling requirements well. TriboTEX has been coming as a solution for motorists who like to drive vehicles in high speed and in steep conditions, oil additives begin to work when the engine warms up to the engine in the highest temperature in long distances and close. Oil additives also increase car horsepower, so it will be easy through steep terrain.

Oil additives have been developed to overcome the problem of engine temperature due to metal-to-metal friction. When this happens, the friction generated between the metal surfaces can produce a high enough heat that causes the two metals to touch to melt and coalesce. If not matched with proper additive treatment, the result is inflammation and swelling of metal surfaces. TriboTEX reduces friction 10 times better than engine oil alone, therefore budgeting some money for engine maintenance with TriboTEX is a wise and profitable decision.  

To get in depth information about the best oil additives you can visit the TriboTEX website at Before deciding to purchase this product, it is better to examine customer testimonials in TriboTEX reviews. If most consumers provide positive reviews, then do not hesitate to buy it for your car engine.